Orientation/ Pre-Arrival Services
  • Preview Trip
  • Airport Transfer
  • Welcome Service
  • Car Hire
  • Temporary Accommodation
  • Introduction to the city: brief, where to live, general facts about the city.
  • Visit of pre-selected areas and living environment (schools, shops, medical and leisure centres, etc…)
  • Visit of pre-selected properties, information of housing standards, rental market
House search
  • Establish needs and expectations of the client
  • Research and pre-selection of properties & accompanied viewing of selected properties
  • Assistance in lease negotiation and inspection-in visit
School search
  • Presentation of school options
  • Booking of appointments and accompanied visits to the school
  • Follow-up of registration 
  • Assistance in setting up utilities (water, phone, internet…)
  • Shop visit, bank account opening etc…
  • Vehicle registration and licensing
  • Handy man / Maid services
  • Basics of Cross-cultural assessment and cultural awareness
  • Cultural concepts and cultural orientation of Morocco 
  • Business approach and practices.
  • Assistance with disconnection of utilities
  • Assistance with lease termination 
Phone Support
  • Dedicated phone support service during your stay